Brand Strategy

Brand Refresh & Vision Video

SigmaSense technology supercharges sensing power and other capabilities, enabling innovators to create limitless touch and touch-less solutions, immersive experiences, and endless innovative applications. With new leadership, a revolutionary new product, and a new round of fundraising kicking off, SigmaSense needed to rapidly evolve their brand to align with the changing market. We worked closely with them to reimagine their brand identity, update their messaging, redesign their website, and write and produce a compelling vision video.

Brand Refresh + Vision Video + Launch Campaign

Craft, an emerging global supply chain resilience company, empowers organizations with its SaaS platform to strengthen their supplier networks and prevent supply chain disruption. With a new round of funding and increasing traction in the marketplace, Craft needed to evolve their brand. We worked closely with them to update their messaging, reimagine their website, develop a compelling vision video, revamp their content assets, and design compelling digital campaigns to generate demand from target audiences.

Love Your Food
Town of Mamaroneck, NY

A tri-municipal community in Westchester County, New York received a three-year grant from the State of NY to educate community members about the importance of reducing food waste. Similar to creating a brand presence for a start-up company, this public-facing initiative needed a clear marketing and communications strategy along with suite of materials designed to engage, educate and motivate local community members to take action.

Working directly with key stakeholders, we developed a clear brand strategy, complete with logo, tagline, and messaging, to clearly define the initiative. The brand was designed to take an accessible, innovative and upbeat approach to a serious topic. Tactically, we designed and launched a suite of marketing and communications tools, including a print mailer, a fun and fresh website, community outreach and other related materials, to empower our stakeholders to engage with their constituents across a number of channels. With the completion of the grant period, the Love Your Food is no longer a functional website. To see what it looked like, view the prototype or the eBook by clicking the link to the right.