Demand Gen Campaigns

The Future of Work ROCKS
ePlus & Cisco

This award winning, multi-year, B2B partner marketing program was developed and implemented on behalf of Cisco and ePlus, a billion dollar global reseller of Cisco and other solutions. The purpose of the program was to increase awareness in the market; educate and engage potential customers about the partnership’s capabilities; generate leads and move them through their buyers’ journeys from awareness to consideration; and improve internal alignment both inter-organizationally (marketing + sales) and intra-organizationally (ePlus + Cisco) around shared go-to-market efforts.

To deliver on these goals we created a strategic, creatively-themed experience centered around a musical metaphor. Just like how making great music requires the right people, instruments, and expertise, so does designing and deploying those powerful, seamless technology solutions that improve the ways organizations operate. To bring this to life, we created a magical conductor to represent the partnership’s many capabilities, and feature it across our microsite experience, content assets, campaigns, sales enablement and field marketing tactics.

SingleStore Can Help

With near ubiquitous connectivity driving high-velocity, high-volume data workloads, SingleStore’s revolutionary cloud database enables companies to simplify their data architectures while delivering the ultra-fast speed and elastic scalability needed to create breakthrough experiences.

Virtually unknown outside of Silicon Valley, SingleStore needed a market-facing awareness and lead generation campaign targeting lines of business managers, IT decision-makers, and developers at large commercial and enterprise accounts.

To help them achieve their goals, we developed the “SingleStore Can Help” creative construct, a broad messaging platform that introduces SingleStore, its benefits and solutions, and addresses the target audience’s four primary business challenge areas. The program consists of a microsite and curated content organized by challenge area, along with an interactive assessment tool designed to educate and qualify leads from target audiences. This cross-channel digital campaign is designed to capture the attention and interest of target audiences and drive them to topic-specific landing pages where they can access content to move them through their buyers’ journey.

Transformation Island
VMware by Broadcom & Presidio

Previously known as “It’s a Big Cloud Out There”

Developed a multi-year, B2B partner marketing program on behalf of VMware and Presidio, a multi-billion dollar global reseller of VMware and other solutions. The purpose of the program is to increase awareness in the market; educate and engage existing customers and potential prospects about the partnership’s capabilities; and close the gaps internally between the various constituencies to generate and maintain momentum for their sales and marketing efforts.

To deliver on these goals we created a highly strategic, creatively-themed, program that employs a microsite, curated content, digital marketing campaigns, and various sales enablement and field marketing tactics to:
• Promote the shared value proposition
• Improve alignment across partner marketing and sales teams
• Drive consumption of partnership solutions and meet pipeline and revenue goals

Client reported results (as of Q3 2021):
• 60,000+ unique visitors
• 12-million impressions
• 4,500+ engaged accounts with 1,000+ employees
• $18-million in pipeline generated
• $4.5-million in closed sales

IAM Protected
ForgeRock & Google Cloud

ForgeRock®, a global leader in digital identity, delivers modern Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions for consumers, employees and things to simply and safely access the connected world. As Google Cloud’s Only Premier Partner for IAM Security Protection, ForgeRock IAM for Hybrid IT on Google Cloud enables large enterprises to accelerate IAM modernization at scale for any use case.

Upon creating a strategic co-sales partnership, Forgerock and Google Cloud needed a concerted, co-branded, B2B partner marketing program focused on this joint solution. The program was designed to project their shared value proposition into the marketplace; educate, activate and reinforce Google Cloud sellers about ForgeRock solutions, products, services and customer success stories; unify ForgeRock’s solution positioning with Google Cloud priority marketing and sales enablement themes; and create better alignment both inter-organizationally and intra-organizationally around their shared go-to-market efforts.

To achieve these goals, we developed a creative construct based on the IAM acronym, widely understood among target audiences, and associated it directly with the ForgeRock and Google Cloud brands. By doing so, we were able to help them take ownership of the category in the minds of their target audiences, while building a flexible messaging platform enabling them to speak to many different benefits, solutions and audiences. Based on this construct, we developed a robust partner marketing program, which included a partner microsite, content assets, digital campaign, and sales enablement assets.

APTARE IT Analytics Knows

APTARE IT Analytics, which provides centralized visibility and insights from across complex IT infrastructures to help companies simplify management, reduce risk, optimize resources and save money, was recently acquired by the leader in enterprise data protection, Veritas. APTARE, which generates numerous valuable benefits across many uses cases and key audiences, needed to clarify and crystalize its brand messaging, and launch a digital campaign designed to introduce existing Veritas customers to its new platform.

To solve these challenges, we crystalized APTARE’s uber message into one simple statement: “APTARE IT Analytics Knows.” This simple statement reinforces the brand’s core analytics strength, while still providing the executional flexibility needed to showcase its many benefits, features, and use cases. After demonstrating the many impressive insights “APTARE knows”, each execution ends with the same question for our target audiences: “Do you?”

We developed a digital campaign designed to generate awareness and interest. The campaign included a suite of digital ads that drove audiences to a gated piece of content, and culminated in their ability to request a demo.