Digital Assessments

Online Data Security Assessment
Rubrik + Microsoft

To help Rubrik + Microsoft generate awareness and interest in their partnership solutions, we created an online digital assessment that enables prospective customers to evaluate how cyber secure their organization is and obtain insights from security experts about what they can do to strengthen it. This experience was supported with a multi-touch marketing campaign (eNurture, social), various sales enablement materials, and additional web content.

SingleStore Can Help

With near ubiquitous connectivity driving high-velocity, high-volume data workloads, SingleStore’s revolutionary cloud database enables companies to simplify their data architectures while delivering the ultra-fast speed and elastic scalability needed to create breakthrough experiences.

Virtually unknown outside of Silicon Valley, SingleStore needed a market-facing awareness and lead generation campaign targeting lines of business managers, IT decision-makers, and developers at large commercial and enterprise accounts.

To help them achieve their goals, we developed the “SingleStore Can Help” creative construct, a broad messaging platform that introduces SingleStore, its benefits and solutions, and addresses the target audience’s four primary business challenge areas. The program consists of a microsite and curated content organized by challenge area, along with an interactive assessment tool designed to educate and qualify leads from target audiences. This cross-channel digital campaign is designed to capture the attention and interest of target audiences and drive them to topic-specific landing pages where they can access content to move them through their buyers’ journey.