Brand Refresh & Vision Video

SigmaSense technology supercharges sensing power and other capabilities, enabling innovators to create limitless touch and touch-less solutions, immersive experiences, and endless innovative applications. With new leadership, a revolutionary new product, and a new round of fundraising kicking off, SigmaSense needed to rapidly evolve their brand to align with the changing market. We worked closely with them to reimagine their brand identity, update their messaging, redesign their website, and write and produce a compelling vision video.

Online Data Security Assessment
Rubrik + Microsoft

To help Rubrik + Microsoft generate awareness and interest in their partnership solutions, we created an online digital assessment that enables prospective customers to evaluate how cyber secure their organization is and obtain insights from security experts about what they can do to strengthen it. This experience was supported with a multi-touch marketing campaign (eNurture, social), various sales enablement materials, and additional web content.

Dynamic Load Balancing Video

Leading the charge in transportation innovation, ChargePoint provides comprehensive charging infrastructure and an expansive network of charging stations to enable effortless vehicle charging on-the-go. ChargePoint needed a simple, compelling way to describe and demonstrate how their Dynamic Load Balancing solution enables customers to effectively manage power distribution, so we developed a short, fun and versatile animated video. ChargePoint uses this video on their website as well as in campaigns, and at sales events and industry conferences.

Brand Refresh + Vision Video + Launch Campaign

Craft, an emerging global supply chain resilience company, empowers organizations with its SaaS platform to strengthen their supplier networks and prevent supply chain disruption. With a new round of funding and increasing traction in the marketplace, Craft needed to evolve their brand. We worked closely with them to update their messaging, reimagine their website, develop a compelling vision video, revamp their content assets, and design compelling digital campaigns to generate demand from target audiences.

Property Manager Digital Campaign
Turntide Technologies

Turntide Technologies designs and deploys intelligent motor technologies organizations use to reduce energy consumption, improve operational efficiencies, and meet sustainability goals. To build sales pipeline for their innovative Turntide for Buildings solutions, we developed two innovative content assets along with a highly-targeted, account-based, multi-channel, lead generation campaign for building managers charged with boosting energy performance and operational efficiencies.

Various Integrated Campaigns

No longer just an independent electric power retailer, ChargePoint has emerged as a leading, global electric fueling solution provider, offering a fully integrated portfolio of hardware, cloud services, and support. To increase brand awareness and educate its target audiences about its various capabilities, we developed and executed a series of integrated campaigns in both digital and print.

Quantum Computing Videos
Zapata Computing

Wrote and creative directed these corporate videos for Zapata Computing, an early stage, cutting-edge quantum company whose mission is to solve the greatest problems of our time with quantum computing. Spun out of Harvard in 2017 with a deep bench of quantum scientists and enterprise-level engineers, Zapata helps industry-leading companies understand — and capitalize on — the capabilities of quantum devices expected to arrive within the next 2-5 years. In addition to telling these complex stories to target audiences, our challenge was in making this highly complex technology and industry understandable to potential investors and customers.

Solution for Surveillance Launch
Dell Technologies

Dell Technologies was launching its enterprise-grade IoT Solution for Surveillance and needed a versatile, engaging tool for its marketing and sales teams to use across various touch points. We created a compelling, 3-minute video that discussed the highly complex technical challenges this platform overcomes, crystalizes its powerful benefits, and demonstrates a number of its innovative features.

Control the Game
VMware vSAN

VMware’s NSX team needed a creative way of activating a number of “warm” prospects, some of whom were already existing customers of the company in other areas. For an audience of primarily IT operations managers, we developed a three-touch direct mailer that included a novel gift to spark interest, generate conversations and close deals.

Program Launch Campaign
Marin Catholic

Marin Catholic preparatory school needed help launching a new applied learning program called the Principled Entrepreneurial Institute. To assist, we developed the launch strategy, program name and tagline, and a multi-channel campaign designed to educate students and key stakeholders about a different approach to life and business that increases fulfillment and has a positive impact on the world. Final deliverables included a teaser video, series of social posts, web and email banners, launch email copy, student assembly talking points and parent- and student-facing PPT.