Video & Film

Cloud Controls Framework

Cisco’s Global Cloud Compliance team needed a video to announce its recently released Cloud Controls Framework (CCF), a custom framework developed to help cloud-delivered / SaaS businesses achieve security certifications and meet regulatory standards around the world – efficiently and effectively. Due to the technical nature of the content and the need to make the video visually engaging, we leveraged the warmth of Cisco’s Head of Global Compliance Prasant Vadlamudi to tell the story, as well as a number of dynamic visuals and graphics to support him.

Quantum Computing Videos
Zapata Computing

Wrote and creative directed these corporate videos for Zapata Computing, an early stage, cutting-edge quantum company whose mission is to solve the greatest problems of our time with quantum computing. Spun out of Harvard in 2017 with a deep bench of quantum scientists and enterprise-level engineers, Zapata helps industry-leading companies understand — and capitalize on — the capabilities of quantum devices expected to arrive within the next 2-5 years. In addition to telling these complex stories to target audiences, our challenge was in making this highly complex technology and industry understandable to potential investors and customers.

CEO Keynote

Anaplan CEO Frank Calderoni needed a futuristic, multimedia keynote presentation to deliver at their main customer event, Connected Planning Experience (CPX). We developed a smart, compelling narrative around three fictitious companies in the near-term future, each using Anaplan to make better, faster decisions. The story was revealed through an on-stage dialog between the Anaplan platform and Frank, and was supported visually by dynamic multimedia that played out across three widescreens, spanning more than 180 feet. Our approach enabled us to demonstrate within a narrative context many of the platform’s key functions and features available today as well as those coming in the future.

Solution for Surveillance Launch
Dell Technologies

Dell Technologies was launching its enterprise-grade IoT Solution for Surveillance and needed a versatile, engaging tool for its marketing and sales teams to use across various touch points. We created a compelling, 3-minute video that discussed the highly complex technical challenges this platform overcomes, crystalizes its powerful benefits, and demonstrates a number of its innovative features.

PowerOne Launch Video
Dell EMC

Dell EMC was launching PowerOne, a new all-in-one system that harnesses the power of Dell Technologies, bringing together compute, storage, networking, virtualization, and data protection into one streamlined autonomous infrastructure system. They needed us to create a “rolling thunder” launch strategy, complete with campaign theme, look and feel, and all of the various key communications and touchpoints needed to sustain the launch.

To illustrate the game-changing nature of PowerOne we developed FUTURE NOW, a concept designed to illustrate how this new technology helps large organizations accelerate digital transformation, moving them forward faster. This concept incorporates idioms about the future and juxtaposes them against bold, futuristic imagery that suggests what’s possible when organizations make the shift to PowerOne. (To date, only the video has been produced; the other elements are in production.)

Program Launch Campaign
Marin Catholic

Marin Catholic preparatory school needed help launching a new applied learning program called the Principled Entrepreneurial Institute. To assist, we developed the launch strategy, program name and tagline, and a multi-channel campaign designed to educate students and key stakeholders about a different approach to life and business that increases fulfillment and has a positive impact on the world. Final deliverables included a teaser video, series of social posts, web and email banners, launch email copy, student assembly talking points and parent- and student-facing PPT.

Cloud Native Video
Dell EMC

Dell Technologies Inc. expanded its PowerProtect family of software and appliances that is used by companies to protect, manage and recover their most critical application data. This updated portfolio provides customers with greater agility by meeting their data protection needs across VMware and Kubernetes environments, as well as in public clouds and edge locations.

Dell EMC needed a video to articulate the system’s key benefits and technical capabilities to the target audience of Dev Ops as well as IT owners, influencers and decision-makers. This video was featured in sales materials, public markets, trade shows, and on

Surveillance Technical Video
Dell Technologies

As part of the Dell Technologies launch of its enterprise-grade IoT Solution for Surveillance, it needed an robust technical overview that its sales teams could use with more technically-oriented customers, influencers and decision makers. We created this compelling, 3-minute video that describes how the platform functions while highlighting the benefits and features most relevant to this audience.