APTARE IT Analytics Knows

APTARE IT Analytics, which provides centralized visibility and insights from across complex IT infrastructures to help companies simplify management, reduce risk, optimize resources and save money, was recently acquired by the leader in enterprise data protection, Veritas. APTARE, which generates numerous valuable benefits across many uses cases and key audiences, needed to clarify and crystalize its brand messaging, and launch a digital campaign designed to introduce existing Veritas customers to its new platform.

To solve these challenges, we crystalized APTARE’s uber message into one simple statement: “APTARE IT Analytics Knows.” This simple statement reinforces the brand’s core analytics strength, while still providing the executional flexibility needed to showcase its many benefits, features, and use cases. After demonstrating the many impressive insights “APTARE knows”, each execution ends with the same question for our target audiences: “Do you?”

We developed a digital campaign designed to generate awareness and interest. The campaign included a suite of digital ads that drove audiences to a gated piece of content, and culminated in their ability to request a demo.

Client: Veritas
Role: Creative Lead, Strategist, Writer
Partner Agency: Mahalo Digital

Digital Animated Advertisements

Facebook & LinkedIn Static Advertisements

Solution Brief

Solution Brief