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ePlus & Cisco

Developed a multi-year, B2B partner marketing program on behalf of Cisco and ePlus, a billion dollar global reseller of Cisco and other solutions. The purpose of the program was to increase awareness in the market; educate and engage potential customers about the partnership’s capabilities; generate leads and move them through their buyers’ journeys from awareness to consideration; and improve internal alignment both inter-organizationally (marketing + sales) and intra-organizationally (ePlus + Cisco) around shared go-to-market efforts.

To deliver on these goals we created a highly strategic, creatively-themed experience centered around a musical metaphor. Like designing and deploying complex, seamless technology solutions, creating beautiful music requires the contributions of many talented people, whose creativity, shared vision, skillful instrumentation, and coordination come together to form the melodic, memorable sounds we all cherish. Leveraging this metaphor, we created a musically-themed experience, complete with a magical conductor who represents the partnership’s proven technology and cross-architectural expertise, and who is featured across our microsite experience, content assets, campaigns, sales enablement and field marketing tactics.

This highly anticipated program launched Q1 2022.

Client: ePlus / Cisco
Role: Creative Lead / Strategist / Writer (Drew)
Partner Agency: Mahalo Digital

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