Race to the Future
ePlus + Dell Technologies

Developed a dynamic, multi-touch, B2B partner marketing for Dell Technologies and ePlus to increase awareness about the partnership; educate and engage potential customers about its many capabilities; generate leads and move them through their buyers’ journeys; and improve go-to-market internal alignment within and between the two companies.

To deliver on these goals we created a strategic, creatively-themed experience centered around elite triathlons. Like the preparation, coaching, and tools top athletes require to compete, organizations too need powerful, seamless technologies to lead their industries. To bring this to life, we created a robust demandgen program, centered around a dynamic microsite experience, that includes unique content assets, eNurture and paid ad campaigns, sales enablement materials, and field marketing tactics.

Client: ePlus + Dell Technologies
Partner Agency: Mahalo Digital
Role: Creative Director / Writer / Strategist


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