Security Breeds Confidence
VMware NSX

VMware’s NSX team needed a creative way of activating a number of “warm” prospects, some of whom were already existing customers of the company in other areas. For an audience of primarily IT operations managers, we developed a three-touch direct mailer that included a novel gift to spark interest, generate conversations and close deals.

Client: VMware
Role: Creative Director / Strategist / Writer
Partner Agency: Mahalo Digital

More With Less

This campaign theme attempts to bring positivity and fun to one of the primary challenges faced by most IT environments today: having to do more with less. Our goal will be to helps mid-level IT personnel reframe the way they may think about their current workplace constraints and want to learn more about how NSX can help them do more with less.

Doing more with less doesn’t have to be so painful; in fact, it may actually improve their work lives.

• Provision more, worry less.
• Secure more, risk less.
• Abstract more, buy less.
• Automate more, input less.
• Think more, do less.

The Most Secure IT Director in the World

This campaign plays off of the funny idea that IT Directors managing an incredibly secure, virtual cloud network built on NSX Technology are more emotionally secure themselves because of it. Unlike NSX Concept #1, this IT Director is not James Bond-like; in fact, he is the opposite – the unflattering, nerdy, geeky stereotype of an IT Director, but yet incredibly sure of himself.

• He delivers consistent automatable network security, yet is so comfortable sharing his vulnerabilities with us.
• He’s very risk averse when it comes to compliance, yet still takes very sharp corners on his skateboard around the office.
• He successfully automated all of our deployments, yet he apologized for finishing the last cup of coffee and not replacing the pot.
• He’s extended our network and apps across all geos and then had a good cry in our team meeting.
• He keeps our network so safe, just like his inner child.

The Most Confident IT Director in the World

If the Maytag Repairman, The Most Interesting Man in the World and James Bond could be combined, he would be The Most Confident IT Director in the world. He manages a Virtual Cloud Network built with NSX Technology, which ensures that the network maintains secure, pervasive connectivity for all apps and data wherever they reside, is completely secure, amazingly flexible, and simple to use. And it’s for these reasons that he’s so calm, so cool and so strategic.

• Consistent, automatable network security – Is there any other way?
• Compliance risk – What’s that? We have no risks.
• End-to-end visibility – As opposed to…?
• Multi-cloud networking – What about it?
• Automated deployment – That was done weeks ago.

This campaign targets those mid-level IT personnel who are still managing old infrastructure and struggle daily to free themselves from the daily firefighting.