Control the Game
VMware vSAN

VMware’s NSX team needed a creative way of activating a number of “warm” prospects, some of whom were already existing customers of the company in other areas. For an audience of primarily IT operations managers, we developed a three-touch direct mailer that included a novel gift to spark interest, generate conversations and close deals.

Client: VMware
Role: Creative Director / Strategist / Writer
Partner Agency: Mahalo Digital


We are creating a buzz about the vSAN 6.7 release – literally. By gifting the incredibly agile Mosquito Drone, a buzzing, 4-axis quadcopter that soars to great heights, turns in any direction and perform stunt flips, this pint- sized flying machine is a fun metaphor for vSAN 6.7, which brings so many features and benefits to bear on any cloud infrastructure. We use this metaphor to remind mid-level IT personnel about the release of vSAN 6.7 and alert them that it’s causing quite a buzz.

This straightforward campaign emphasizes the key features and benefits of vSAN 6.7 to enhance operational efficiencies, reduce time-to-expertise and accelerate decision making.

• Take your network to the clouds.
• Fly your machines using a simple, intuitive interface.
• Get greater agility, flexibility and visibility with vSAN 6.7.

Game Changer

For IT departments around the world, the game is constantly changing and the demands placed upon them are increasing. On a daily basis, they hear the cries from the sidelines: “More computing power!” “More storage!” “More security!” “Better support!” Often, they’re expected to compete with fewer teammates and less budgets.However, by implementing vSAN 6.7 with its new Hyper-Converged Infrastructure and other critical features, they can get themselves back in the game and win — achieving the operational efficiencies they seek, while reducing time-to-expertise and accelerating decision making. Possible key features / benefits to call out in support:

• HTML5 User Interface with its optimized workflows.
• vRealize Operations with its advanced monitoring, troubleshooting and capacity management.
• Hardware agnostic FIPS 140-2 Validated Encryption


This campaign, targeted at IT Directors who haven’t yet made the switch to a full software-defined ecosystem, introduces the concept of “magic” as a metaphor for virtualization and the many problems it makes disappear.

Almost like magic, VMware’s enhanced vSAN version 6.7 brings together an intuitive user experience, a more consistent, resilient and secure application experience, and more holistic support, accommodating the changing demands of IT environments today, tomorrow and into the future.

• Inefficiencies vanish with optimized workflows.
• Frustration evaporates with improved support.
• Indecision disintegrates with better information.
• Disruptions disappear with greater resiliency.
• Complexity disappears with a more intuitive interface.

Alternative Direction